Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Kaufman Fair Pay Act

Herewith I immodestly and perhaps naively propose the first of a series of very simple laws to fix very complex problems. I will immodestly call them The Kaufman Acts.

The Kaufman Fair Pay Act is four simple clauses.

Whereas, members of Congress have overwhelmingly gone on record as declaring that corporate executives should not grant themselves salary increases and bonuses when their stockholders are losing money or reward themselves more grandly than their stockholders,

Therefore, the Congress of the United States hereby rescinds the automatic pay raises members have voted themselves, and

Therefore, Congressional salaries shall be reset to the levels last determined by an open vote in Congress, and

Therefore, the annual salary of every member of Congress shall rise or fall by the same percentage as the rise or fall of the inflation adjusted income of the average American taxpayer.

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